Our creativity and imagination facilitate to reuse your Old Sarees and transform them into brand new pieces. There are times when your saree accidentally tears from a strategic position. So what would you do? Just throw it away… I would suggest that you recycle it. There are many ways to recycle Sarees.

Sarees to Kurtis

Recycle old Sarees to create Kurtis is also a great idea. You can combine it with various patch works and get a contrasting churidar or salwar. Incorporate the paloo of the saree into the Dupatta and voila, your designer suit is ready.


Recycle old sarees to kurtis

Sarees to Suits

My mom had a heavy brocade saree with a gorgeous (yes, that’s the word) red and golden border. It was one of her favorite sarees and then she gave it to me. Somehow i didn’t like the material of the saree, but that border was a killer. So I and my mom thought of intelligently recycling it. I had a plain white colored silk suit. So we took the border of the saree and got it stitched to the suit. It turned out to be aesthetic and classy.


old sarees transform in suits

Sarees to Baby Clothes

Use your old cotton sarees to make recycled clothing for babies. As cotton is natural and skin friendly fabric (it also gets softer with time), babies will be very comfortable wearing these recycled clothes. This also makes a fantastic gift for new born babies.


recycle old saress into baby clothes

Sarees to Palazzo

Use your old Silk Sarees to make recycled Palazzo pants and keep our old memories intact. Start looking for the old Sarees.


recycle old sarees into ladies pants