Lehenga Choli represents our rich heritage and craftsmanship. Wearing a lehenga not only showcases your style but also pays homage to the cultural traditions and customs associated with festivals and weddings. The lehenga choli is the favourite female apparel worn during festivals, weddings or special events in India.

With Feminine Flair’s ladies tailored Lehenga choli, there is so much to consider and an expert designer & tailor’s guidance is critical with regards to ensuring the cloth, size and figuration is perfect.

Make it Yours – A Lehenga Choli Uniquely for You

With our range of ladies tailored lehenga choli, there are a plenty of personalization options available. Take for example – there are choices to be made embroidery and necklines, princess cut and darts and ruffles, lining, buttons, sleeves, laces, dori and tassels.

Choose your Lehenga Choli Styles

We will design & stitch, Uniquley for You

Pleated Lehenga

The pleated Lehengas are easy to wear and look just as elegant and gorgeous as the traditional Lehenga. It gives a very rich and voluminous look to the bride. This trend is gaining a lot of momentum among the newly wed. Get yours tailor-made today for a stunning and ornate ensemble.

Kalidar Lehenga

Kalidar lehenga has been an opulent part of our traditional attire since ages. The craftsmanship that goes behind the precision of each Kali requires years of practice and love for the art form making it true love for all the brides. Get yours tailor-made today for a unique and fashionable ensemble.

Three Tier Lehenga

A three tier lehenga features tiers in the skirt, adding a playful and fashionable touch to the traditional lehenga silhouette. It’s perfect for contemporary and stylish looks. Suitable for various body types, offering a fun and trendy appearance. Elevate your three tier lehenga style with a personalised fit. Get yours tailor-made today for a unique and fashionable ensemble.

Bridal Lehenga

A bridal lehenga is the epitome of opulence and grandeur, designed for brides on their special day. It’s often heavily embellished with intricate embroidery, zari work, and rich fabrics, making it the centre of attention at weddings. Ideal for various body types, depending on the chosen style, offering a breathtaking and unforgettable bridal look. Achieve the bridal look of your dreams with custom-made options. Get your bridal lehenga tailor-made today for a personalised and stunning appearance.

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"Came in for a last minute appointment to stitch together my lehenga in a short amount of time and they got it done before I had to leave Delhi! The result was beautiful with great attention to detail (zippers, fasteners, etc.) Would highly recommend! Very professional."
Eva Nip
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