Dresses can elevate your grace with no compromise on your comfort. Dresses are naturally comfortable as they give you freedom of movement and lets your legs breathe. Casual dresses can be made to measure emphasizing on comfort and informality and elegant dresses can tailored for office and occasion wear. It gives you a feel-good factor making ladies feel more convenient and relaxed. And when you feel good, you look even better.

With Feminine Flair’s ladies tailored Dress, there is so much to consider and an expert designer & tailor’s guidance is critical with regards to ensuring the cloth, size and figuration is perfect.

Make it Yours – A Dress Uniquely for You

With our range of ladies tailored Dresses, there are a plenty of personalization options available. Take for example – there are various styles like Maxi Dress, Shirt Dress, Wrap Dress, A-Line dress, Evening Gowns. Also, choices to be made of embroidery and necklines, princess cut and darts and ruffles, lining, buttons, sleeves, laces.

Choose your Western Dress Styles

We will design & stitch, Uniquley for You

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a long, flowy dress often reaching the ankles or floor, offering comfort and a bohemian vibe. Ideal for pear-shaped and hourglass body types, providing a breezy and relaxed style. Embrace comfort and style with custom-fit maxi dresses and get yours tailor-made today.

Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is a versatile and timeless dress that resembles an oversized shirt with a button-down front, collar, and often a waist tie. It offers a relaxed yet chic look suitable for various occasions. Flattering for most body types, especially those seeking a comfortable and effortlessly stylish outfit. Elevate your shirt dress style with a personalised fit and get yours tailor-made today.

Wrap Dress

A wrap dress features a front closure that wraps and ties at the waist, allowing for an adjustable fit and a flattering V-neckline. Suitable for various body types, great for those looking for a versatile and customisable design. Elevate your wrap dress style with a personalised fit. Get yours tailor-made today.

Bespoke A-line dress by designer ladies tailor

A-Line Dress

A-line dresses can work for anyone, which is wonderful. They are very universally flattering. Both pear and apple shapes can enjoy wearing this dress type. This dress is often preferred by women that have the advantage of height. Elevate your A-line dress style with a personalised fit. Get yours tailor-made today.

Evening Gown

An evening gown is a floor-length dress designed for special occasions and events. It often features elegant fabrics, intricate details, and a flattering silhouette. Flattering for most body types, especially those seeking a glamorous and sophisticated look. Elevate your evening gown style with a personalised fit. Get yours tailor-made today for a flawless and elegant appearance.

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"Feminine Flair Tailors gives excellent service, makes a great product, and is impressive! I've always wanted clothing made specifically for me, that fits! I didn't have a full idea of what I wanted to have made, so I brought a couple of inspiration photos and we picked out the best options. The western style shirt and the sleeveless top I received ahead of the expected deadline are top quality. I also really appreciated the timely and helpful communication. I always felt like Sweety Jain had my best interest in mind. And I've been getting to many complements on my clothes! I highly recommend the Feminine Fair to everyone!."
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